Should it matter if a person shoots nudes in their free time?

After a small group of shots were uploaded on devaintART by a model I adore and respect for not bending to societies norms of body image and showing that a voluptuous woman can be beautiful in the nude form. The fact that the photographer behind the shots chose to remain anonymous really irked me, as a photographer we should be proud of the body of work we produce, whether it was the brightest move at the time or not, I kind of remarked about it on the deviation comments I left, but was not expecting the response I recieved. It turns out the photographer is in the public eye, and was afraid of the shots he took reflecting badly on his job. To me this is anathema as artists even if it is only a hobby. The work we do even if it is nudes should not have a negative impact or repercussions when it comes to our work outside the art world. A teacher who just happens to be a beautiful woman that decides to pose nude for a photographer should not have to worry about losing her job teaching, and a photographer even if they work for the government should not have to hide the fact they took nude photos in their free time as long as no laws are broken, what a person does in their free time should not have a bearing on how they make a living. I think American Society as a whole needs to wake up and see that the human body is beautiful and embrace the inherent beauty in all. Rather than cling to puritanical decency standards that are at least a couple centuries out of date.

Nudity is natural

The human body is beautiful

The naked human body is naturally beautiful and should be celebrated as such not hidden because nudity might cause irreversible harm to the youth of the nation. To me there is more harm done in teaching that our bodies are shameful and must be covered than any harm done to a child that ever saw a naked person.


Shawn Thomas


About brotherhades

I am an artist, photographer, and writer. I use Poser and DAZ Studio in my work! I also use a Canon for my photos!
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